What is a Sump Saver?

“It was 15 below and three semis were waiting to be loaded. The first 300 bushels unloaded and then the grain flow stopped. I hooked up the Sump Saver hoses to the tractor and ran it for 2 to 3 minutes, then the grain started flowing. Forty-five minutes later all the trucks were loaded and on the road. When the bin was empty, we found what remained after the Sump Saver crushed and sliced through the chunks.”

Scott - South Dakota

The first 100 bushels out of the bin went just fine, but then the corn stopped – not even to a kernel. I hooked up the Sump Saver and after just two minutes I had all kinds of broken chunks that were coming out of the auger. I loaded the better part of a semi before things cleared up.”

Lucas - South Dakota

“I started coring our 60,000 bushel bin after harvest and the corn slowed to a trickle. I hooked up the SumpSaver and ran it in forward and reverse several times. The corn started flowing, not 100% but about 85%. That was better than a trickle.”

Jim - Iowa