It Just Works

  • Our innovative design means you can easily unplug your grain bin from the safety of your tractor seat!
  • Installation is quick and easy as blockages are broken up in seconds, saving you time and money.
  • The Mighty Mini from Sump Saver effortlessly slices and crushes obstacles approaching the grain sump, safely restoring grain flow without ever stepping foot inside the bin.

Quick Facts

  • Powered by a hydraulic motor that produces 6,000 inch/pounds of torque.
  • Operates in forward and reverse from the safety of your tractor seat.
  • The Mighty Mini installs quickly alongside any style or model of power sweep.
  • Includes all necessary hoses and fittings, which quickly and easily store on the bin wall when unhooked.

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Are you ready to minimize your risk and make the smart choice – put the Mighty Mini to work inside while you stay safe outside.

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